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Detached Homes


two channel video

11 min. loop

The artist re-visits disparate homelands and explores the dualities of being an adoptee: her southern Ohio experience and her Costa Rican roots. Both homes and cultural identities are shown to be unattainable, through the lens of a detached body and displaced memory. The adoptee finds a self somewhere in between. Where nolstagia is lost, the warmth and comfort of an imagined “home” is always slipping.

One comment on “Detached Homes

  1. Marjorie Strasburger on said:

    Ms Arias, We just saw your short film on Imaginery mothers. I have a DNA cousin that was born in Costa Rica. I write DNA cousin because we match by DNA test. She was Adopted out by a lady name Margarite Murray Sobrado. We believe she probably sold the baby’s to foreigner. We are working on finding her birth mother. No luck so far. While doing this film did you come by a list of mothers names or a group, a contact that we can call.
    Anything to help Us.
    Her birth name was Ana Patricia 1/3/1972. Adopted by Cuban couple. Lived in Puerto Rico.
    Crossing our fingers You are angel that can guide us.
    Marjorie Strasburger

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