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Jacqueline Arias is an artist, independent filmmaker, and educator born in Alajuela, Costa Rica and raised in rural Ohio. This varied geographical and cultural history has inspired a body of work that addresses ideas of heritage, race, and socially constructed identities. Jacqueline studied photography at Parsons School of Design,  experimenting with video art and performance work. Her work addresses the invisible social barriers in our society and the feelings of cultural detachment they cause.

Jacqueline’s experiments in film led to directing and producing a feature length documentary film, entitled Imaginary Mothers. This film addresses issues about women’s rights, unfair class structures and wide spread corruption in international adoption. Imaginary Mothers was screened at the 2017 Golden Door International Film Festival.

Jacqueline is currently exhibiting work in new media art.

Jacqueline is also the founder of the Jersey Art Exchange, a nonprofit arts education program for disadvantaged youth.

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