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Rays of Resilience

Rays of Resilience: a Vision of the Future is a climate fiction multimedia audio-visual piece that introduces three characters living in the Tucson area from a not-so-distant, climate-changed future. This audio-visual artwork is created in collaboration with Chris Zatarain music composer, writer and an MA student in the Applied Intercultural Arts Research Program. 

Exploring themes of adaptation, community resilience, loss, grief, and transformation, the piece seeks to illustrate what life might look like for the next generations as they navigate living in this region that will face extreme and unique climate-related challenges in the coming decades.

The visual component of this piece consists of lumenography, an alternative photographic process in which an image is transferred to photographic paper through a long exposure to solar light using organic materials and other transparent media, as well as still photographs. It was important for us to use an abstract visual media form to communicate emotionality, and it is made all the more special by using place-based materials and solar energy to create the images to help tell these stories.

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