Time Shifting

The performances in this event are designed to highlight the technical modes of time shifting, a term that was coined in the early days of television. Each will demonstrate what happens to memory and the human body as sensory experiences are processed through electronic impulses, chemical reactions and physical responses. We are…

October 8, 2012


Letting Go Performance

Documentation of “Letting Go” Performance. What happens when communication breaks down to a point where a person’s life experience is not heard? How can one make their voice heard? In Letting Go, a temporary public art exhibit in Newark that addresses themes on catharsis, I addressed catharsis through the processes of…

November 10, 2011


Letting Go

The curators, Jeanne Brasille and Jade Lien, renewed the abandoned and desolate block between Broad and Central Avenue in Newark, NJ on Saturday during the 10th Annual Open Doors and Studio Tour.  They brought together a collection of over 50 artists to take part in a public cleansing and healing….

October 29, 2011


Rogue Performance at Mana Art Center

About a week ago I got a call from my fellow JC Artist and partner-in-crime, Nyugen E. Smith and he tells me that Mana Art Center is kicking off the Jersey City Art tour this year and that he is planning to do a rogue unsolicited performance outside of the…

October 3, 2011


Imbrication Installation

The Imbrication Video Installation on soil While exploring the transformative qualities found in soil: it’s intricate systems, working together, not easily identified by its parts, but known by its whole, I began to see it for its transformative properties: as a caretaker of deep time: embodying death, birth and rebirth….

June 29, 2011


Terra Forms at Index Art Center

I was honored to be a part of a show at Index Art Center curated by Jeanne Brasile – my newest favorite curator! She put together an awesome collection of work which was, ” inspired by earthen forms”.

June 28, 2011


Bergen Hill Sound/Image

Four times a year the wonderful people at Art House Productions invite the Jersey City arts community to open their doors and share their work with the public. Zack and I are proud to have been apart of this June’s event. We’ve only been in JC for less than a year…

June 8, 2011