Thank you for visiting my blog. I am photographer, video artist, and filmmaker born in Alejuela, Costa Rica and raised in rural Ohio. This varied geographical and cultural history has inspired a body of work that addresses ideas of heritage, race, and socially constructed identities. I studied photography at Parsons School of Design experimenting with video art and performance work. My performance and video work addresses the invisible social barriers in our society and the feelings of cultural detachment they cause. I am interested in the potential of transformation found in all of us.

My experiments in film led to directing and producing two short in 2007, “The Archivist” and “The Maya Project”, which were included in the Beacon Film Festival in the summer of 2008. My interest in providing a platform for an underrepresented community and bearing witness to their life experiences has led me to my current personal documentary film project, “Imaginary Mothers.” I currently live in Jersey City, NJ and have been collaborating and exhibiting my work in this hidden gem of an art community.