Documentation of a “Letting Go” Performance.

This performance is an attempt towards catharsis. An attempt to ask for help for a former self. To create an alarm and reminder of a past transgression. The red phone is the same color of phone she used when she reported her father’s sexual abuse. It was the same phone that ignored her story. The truth keeps ringing but noone wants to hear it. Trauma goes ignored and life experiences go unheard. This day the artist told her story. On the other side of the block, the artist sits at a typewriter voiceless, typing her story to anyone who asks. A video plays behind her of her experience going to the police station to report the abuse.


Exhibition Description:

In Letting Go, a temporary public art exhibit in Newark that addresses themes on catharsis, Jacqueline Arias addressed catharsis through the processes of miscommunication and resolution. She engaged the public by giving them clues about her life experience through a series of videos, sound installations and performances placed around the entire block between Central Ave., Halsey St. and Broad between 3-6pm on Saturday 22nd.