Reconciled Time

Reconciled Time was created with a Hasseblad film camera during the quietest moments of Prospect Park, Brooklyn; when this natural environment turns into a luminous landscape, undetermined, existing somewhere beyond our perception. The waves of sodium vapor light shapes and transforms the space around the trees, creating an entrance into a world where trees take on human qualities and the space is structured by time – time expands and contracts inspiring an imperceptible fragment of life.


The park working as a sanctuary for human well-being during the day becomes a restorative haven for nature at night. Speaking a language of spirit and health, of breadth and forgiveness, of a time that that is changing and never definite. Time revives it, allowing it to engage with its own dynamic energy, anthropomorphizing the trees drawing them out of their enigmatic world.

When I am shooting in the park I am inspired by Charles Olson’s description of poetry and I feel the same way about making photographs. He see poetry as a dynamic transfer and discharge of energy, encouraging responsiveness to nature. Olson encouraged his audience to “look beyond themselves and open up to the larger forces of nature”. I am trying to create an interwolvenness of things, in and out of the natural world. Like light, poetry attempts to establish a connection between our visible world and the metaphysical; between our industrial world, the natural world and our precarious existence within the two.