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Errors, Patterns & Repetitions

The video is a response to a poem written by poet & scholar Ryan Dobran for an exhibit exploring the exchange between text-based and image-based artistic practice. The exhibition, “Former Islands” at Heliopolis in Greenpoint Brooklyn, invited two of these artists to exchange works and then create new works in…

June 5, 2014



Plants explores the personal and social effects of being displaced, as a woman, as a Latino and as an adoptee. Imbedded in dirt, the immobilized body represents lost autonomy, weighted down by grief and helplessness. As “plants” the figures in the video are exotified. Become objects and no longer human,…

January 7, 2008


Detached Homes

Detached Homes 2011 Two-channel video installation The artist re-visits disparate homelands and explores the dualities of being an adoptee: her southern Ohio experience and her Costa Rican roots. Both homes and cultural identities are shown to be unattainable, through the lens of a detached body and displaced memory. The adoptee…

May 20, 2011